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•Recall the story of Tantalus, the mythical Greek figure, whose name has given us the word tantalizing. Meaning: "temptation without satisfaction." Tantalus was cruely sentenced to a life beside a beautiful river flowing through a bountiful orchard of fruit-laden trees. However, whenever he would attempt to drink, the river would recede, and when he reached for a fruit, the fruit-laden branches would ascend just beyond his reach.

His frustration depicts exactly the frustration of people in poverty: America’s taxpayers provide over $1Trillion in poverty-alleviation measures for them every year. Yet, getting the benefit of those programs is usually so difficult for most of the really deserving families, that they often give up in despair. Why does this happen?

Too much strategic management. Too little tactical execution on the frontlines.

•Please consider this:
At the federal government level, poverty-combat involves:—
•7 Senate Committees and Subcommittees
•11 Congressional Committees and Subcommittees
•7 Cabinet Departments
•8 other Federal Agencies

State management is usually less top-heavy, but still quite fragmented and overlapping.

Further, the major charities involved in the arena typically seek to operate in an “umbrella capacity” and often shy away from the nuts-and-bolts operations of “direct-service” on the frontlines...

The "final mile" simply does not get enough attention.

•That’s where the RIVER FUND comes in:
We operate as navigators to help families through the maze of more than 140 different anti-poverty programs to find that handful to specifically match their unique circumstance. Every family’s situation is different. Every person in the family faces the impact of poverty in a different way. Battling poverty on the frontlines does involve tackling both the individual needs AND supporting the family also as a whole.

This event will show you, how—over the past 25 years—we’ve perfected the skill of guiding individuals and families from despair and frustration to hope. Our methods work. And your support can go much further with us than through any other channel. Let us show you how...

Welcome Aboard. Welcome on the Frontline.

Taking Poverty Personally--person by person... that's how we fight poverty, here on the frontlines.

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