Kids' Summer Getaway Programs

Kids from disadvantaged New York City communities need a chance to get out into
the countryside—and breathe some fresh air. That’s how Willard Parsons felt in
1877 when he created The Fresh Air Fund. Since then, The Fund has helped some
two million needy children from the City to create wonderful summer memories that
stay with them for life.

The River Fund is a partner of The Fresh Air Fund. This has allowed us to enroll
children aged six years old and up for visits with host families across 13 different
states and Canada—where they can experience the joys of summer in the country.
Imagine what this means for the parents: With children out of school for two months
during the summer, trying to keep them off the streets and out of trouble is an
immense challenge for ‘working poor’ families—frequently headed by a single
parent working long hours at several low-paying jobs.

The experiences created by The Fresh Air Fund make a huge difference in the lives
of children: They never forget the first time they meet a cow—in person; or a
chicken, a lake, a mountain, or a giant corn field. With over 136 years of experience
doing this, nobody knows better than The Fresh Air Fund how to make kids enjoy
Please help us send more underprivileged children to get some fresh air.

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RIVER FUND operates as navigators to help families through the maze of more than 140 different anti-poverty programs to find the small handful that specifically matches their unique circumstance. Every family’s situation is different. Every person in the family faces the impact of poverty in a different way. Battling poverty on the frontline involves tackling both individual needs AND supporting the family as a whole.

Since 1991, RIVER FUND has been perfecting the skill of guiding individuals and families from despair and frustration to hope. Our methods work, and we have established one of the most effective models for poverty combat in New York City—from hunger support, to benefits access, and through a unique “cradle to college initiative” to finally break the multi-generational cycle of poverty that has made material hardship the most heartbreaking part of our great City’s reality for more than 50 years.

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