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•In the United States, women earn an average of 21% less than men doing the same work. Women at lower socioeconomic levels are at an even greater disadvantage compared to men: Not only does their wage-gap increase to 44%—in New York City, the overall poverty rate for women is 16% higher than for men. Now, during this period of severe economic stratification, domestic violence against women is surging again— leading to the usual cycle of poverty and homelessness.

The lack of safe, affordable housing increases the risk for violent victimization of women and children by 61%. Systemic prejudice against women adds to the pain: 46% of women experience gender discrimination; by age 65, twice as many women live in poverty compared to men; eight out of 10 women have full custody of their children, yet these mothers are twice as likely to be in poverty as custodial fathers.

RIVER FUND battles these realities every day.

•Fighting poverty effectively, means fighting to secure and preserve dignity, safety, justice and meaningful access to the economy for women. These problems need your attention.

Join Us. Let's demonstrrate that love can do it.


Taking Poverty Personally--person by person... that's how we fight poverty, here on the frontlines.

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