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•Can a corporation take things personally? What about “taking poverty personally”? Can a company do that?

It sounds simplistic to say that companies are made up of people. But that’s important: People have hearts—and taking poverty personally is a matter of the heart. In many companies that are connected to RIVER FUND, our approach to fighting multigenerational poverty resonates. Why? Because companies are made of people—and people have hearts. As a result, scores of corporate employees support us by contributing of their time and energy to our work. Their companies also partner with them on an administrative level—and contribute financially to the execution of the specific programs in which these employees volunteer.

We call this partnership Heart Corps. It’s an incredibly powerful poverty-fighting relationship between us, our corporate volunteers and their employers who contribute financially. It makes hard-to-fund initiatives possible. Without Heart Corps, many of RIVER FUND’s most impactful initiatives would have collapsed. We are immensely grateful. We know that, like us, every one of these people is powered by love.




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