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At The River Fund New York, we know that fighting poverty means we’re engaged in a war. It’s brutal and there are casualties. The commitment involved is serious and the effort required is intense. As in any war, serving on this battlefield is not for the faint of heart. The demands are immense, the support minimal—and victories few and far between. Your only reward is the personal satisfaction that comes from knowing you are indeed making a REAL difference.

As an organization engaged in DIRECT SERVICE to households in need, we’re fighting shoulder to shoulder alongside the families and seniors we serve in their personal battles against poverty. It is in those individual struggles that this war is fought—though not always won. We’re an organization made up of “community members who are determined against all odds to care for other community members.”

Joining us means you want to see the impact of your contribution—and are prepared to contribute in a way that actually makes an impact: You want to move the needle in the war against poverty, not just be a token supporter who vanishes among the masses wishing us well in our endeavors. If this describes you, we have a role for you in our army. We need people like you who are prepared to commit and fight hard.

In this war, the battles are many, the warriors few. Pick the fight where you want to make a difference. Contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.

89-11 Lefferts Blvd.
Richmond Hill, NY 11418

Tel.: 718-441-1125



Warriors Wanted:

  • Deliver Groceries to the Homebound
  • Mentor a Needy Child
  • Coach a Youth Team
  • Help Us Find Low-Cost Apartments
  • Find Jobs and Match Clients to Them
  • Find Corporate Sponsors for Projects
  • Volunteer Your Tax Expertise
  • Volunteer Your Legal Expertise
  • Volunteer Your Medical Expertise
  • Be an On-Call Poverty Spokesperson
  • Write Advocacy Letters
 Be a Monthly Donor
 Tax Help for the Working Poor
 Child Poverty Initiatives
 From Hunger to Hope




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