Annual Easter Basket Giveaway

Every year, we host our annual Easter Basket Giveaway in conjunction with our usual Saturday morning Client Choice Pantry Program. Hundreds of kids come to meet the Easter Bunny and get a basket. To assemble the hundreds of baskets we need a dedicated team of 12 core volunteers (and many others) work for almost three weeks converting pallets of baskets, candy, trinkets, bunnies and cellophane into lovingly-packaged bundles of cheer for our children living in poverty.

Two partner groups, Yoga-for-Life and FunWorld, also donate dozens of complete baskets to the project. These contributions are usually made possible with the assistance of children recruited from communities as far away as Suffolk County, who eagerly pitch in to help provide some Easter Fun to less fortunate kids.

Many thanks to everyone who supports this project for your tremendous help; it is indeed heartwarming to see the generous outpouring of time, effort and resources that you make available to us each year for this special program. With your help we do make a difference!

If you missed the opportunity to support our Easter Basket Giveaway, you can still make a difference in the lives of the thousands of needy children we serve, by participating in our Back-to-School Giveaway Program, which seeks to outfit the 2,000 neediest children in our database with backpacks and other essential supplies. Every year, this is one of the most difficult programs for us to fund. Any help you can provide will be highly appreciated. To specifically support that initiative, please click here.

Some of the hundreds of basketsEarly in the morning, hundreds of baskets already lined up—hundreds more are still waiting indoors.

Every child got a basketEvery child got a basket. We had enough—thanks to the dedicated volunteers who worked for three weeks assembling them.

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