We Got the New York City
"Agency of the Year" Award for 2012

In April 2012, The River Fund New York was honored at the prestigious Can-Do Awards Gala as the “Agency of the Year” in New York City—selected from among 1,300 community-based organizations by the Food Bank for NYC. This is the highest accolade that can be bestowed on any group operating in the poverty amelioration arena in New York. In his acceptance speech, our Executive Director, Swami Durga Das, gave recognition to Ma Jaya, the philosophical founder of The River Fund, who had passed away just a few weeks earlier.

The bitter-sweet moment was captured in the video clip on the right. In presenting this honor, the Food Bank for NYC recognized The River Fund as having a significant and growing impact on the lives of needy people in the three key areas of Hunger Relief, Nutritional Education and Income Support. Over the past 21 years of our existence, The River Fund New York has been able to go from strength to strength—adding an ever-widening range of programs to our service portfolio that enlarge the poverty-reduction impact our organization has on the needy communities we serve. With each passing year, the number of people accessing our range of services increases by more than 35%.

Your unceasing support has been pivotal to the enhancement of our capacity.


2012 NYC Agency of the Year AwardSwami Durga Das accepting the NYC 2012 "Agency of the Year" Award from at the prestigious CAN-DO Gala

Swami Durga Das honoring Ma Jaya, philosophical founder of The River Fund, shortly after her death.

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