Our Sephora Partnership Yields Makeovers for Our Clients

In the spring of 2013, The River Fund began a partnership with Sephora, which allows us to offer new monthly donors a FREE limited-edition cosmetic assortment of shimmering essentials for lips, eyes, and nails from the “You+Sephora Collection” in an exclusive Values Inside Out Clutch. Plus, Sephora donates $13 to our work for each clutch that goes out. Best of all, we don’t have to share names and addresses of our donors with Sephora. Click here to learn more.

Our relationship with the company is spearheaded by the Sephora store in our area—located in Forest Hills. The connection emerged from the persistent efforts of long-standing River Fund Volunteer Regina Sakhrani who is a Sephora “cast member.”

So far, The River Fund has had two great events with the Forest Hills Sephora:

The first event, held on Friday, May 24, was a fun awareness event about our work, hosted at the store and featuring “River Fund Rouge.” At various “lip labs,” our female and femme team-members and volunteers along with Sephora’s cast members and clients developed individually customized lipstick creations and other specialties. Everyone made personal “Sephora Loves River Fund” buttons at the button-bar, and enjoyed a specially-ordered Red Velvet cake. Several of The River Fund’s transgendered clients attended and were deeply touched by the welcoming attention they were shown.

A month later, on Saturday, June 29, a group of Sephora’s cast members joined us at The River Fund’s Client Choice Pantry for a “Makeover Day.” From among the 595 households who came to us for groceries that day, many women got professional makeup done before heading home. For most of these ladies, it was the first time they had ever received this kind of attention. For Sephora’s team, this was a great opportunity to give back to the community in a way that was truly unique. Our clients really enjoyed the event—even those who did not want makeovers: Just watching the process, and some of the transformations, was a lot of fun for everyone.

The River Fund is always pleased to provide a channel through which local businesses can explore creative ways of serving the needy in our communities. Together we make a difference!

To make a donation to The River Fund in honor of the Sephora team at Forest Hills, please click here.

Sign up as a monthly donor at any level before the end of September 2016 and get this limited-edition assortment of shimmering essentials for lips, eyes, and nails from the "You+Sephora Collection" in the exclusive Values Inside Out Clutch—absolutely FREE. A $20 value. Makes a great gift. Plus, Sephora will donate $13 to our work.Sephora VIO Bag
Contains: Glitter eye liner, standout lip gloss, and a metallic-finish nail polish. Upon sign-up as a monthly donor, the clutch and conents will be shipped by The River Fund New York to your credit card address. Your contact information will not be shared with Sephora or anyone else. Offer valid while supplies last.

Cake: Sephora Loves The River FundRed Velvet Cake and River Fund Rouge: Highlights of the Awareness Event hosted by the Forest Hills Sephora on behalf of The River Fund.

Click above to see a slideshow of the May 24 awareness event at the Forest Hills Sephora.

The Sephora Makeover Area on June 29, 2013On June 29, everyone who wanted one got a free Makeover from Sephora's skilled Cast Members, who came fully prepared with the necessary equipment and supplies.

Click above to see a slideshow of our Free Sephora Makeover Day at The River Fund on June 29.

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