Our Honoree

Our Honoree: Harold Ford, Jr.

From Harold's Speech on November 9, 2017

Author of the book, “More Davids Than Goliaths,” Harold Ford, Jr. has cemented his reputation as a man who always believed there are more solutions than problems. He believes addressing issues at a grassroots level is often where the maximum effect can occur. RIVER FUND’s strategy of meeting people right on the frontline, where the need is greatest, has been incredibly impactful. This is why Harold has been a big believer and supporter of the RIVER FUND.

Harold Ford Jr. was a US Congressman representing the State of Tennessee from 1997-2007. Voted into office at the age of 26, he was one of the youngest members of Congress in our nation’s history. During his time in Congress, Ford served on the education, financial services and budget committees, and was a member of the blue dog coalition and congressional black caucus. Ford was the keynote speaker for the 2000 Democratic National Convention.

Ford has long believed in and championed frontline and grassroots involvement to effect change. His 10 years in the US Congress were heavily punctuated by support for partnerships and projects to empower students, seniors and nonprofits in an effort to improve the communities around them.

Ford’s parents, Harold, Sr., and Dorothy, taught him early the importance of all forms of education. He relayed to us that his passion for our work at RIVER FUND traces back to his work and support for a 50-year-old Memphis institution called MIFA (Memphis Inter Faith Association). “In the summer of 1987, I fulfilled a high school community service project at MIFA. What I didn’t realize is how much that experience would inform my politics and approach to problem-solving going forward.”

A graduate of the University of Pennsylvania (BA ’92) and the University of Michigan (JD ’96), Ford is a proponent of high expectations and standards for our next generation. He believes service to one’s community is an integral part of those expectations and standards. This has been a defining part of who Harold is and why the RIVER FUND has chosen to honor him.


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