Save the Date: Our Fall Friendraiser
"Hurricane to Hope: Still Serving Sandy"
—October 25, 2013

Join us on October 25 at The Bowery Hotel—and learn how you too can make a real difference in helping families and seniors affected by Sandy move beyond the lines of poverty.

This high-energy event runs from 8:30p.m. to 11:30p.m. and will be, as always, the highlight of the fall charity season for NYC’s socially active young professionals.

Save the date: You’re not going to want to miss this!

Why this event matters:

New Yorkers Were Badly Hurt By Sandy
Who can forget the terrible events in the final days of last October! As everyone anxiously watched Sandy on television approaching the Eastern Seaboard, it grew to become a Category 3 Hurricane before weakening to become “just a tropical storm”—causing many to relax their vigilance. What a mistake that was!

On October 29, Sandy made landfall with lots of wind, and almost no rain. However, because of the coinciding winter cyclone, and the resulting Fujiwhara effect or “hyperstorm,” the surge-wave that night made Sandy the biggest natural disaster in U.S. history—in terms of both the vast territory affected and lives impacted; the largest number being residents of our City. Most live in communities where the disaster called “Sandy” simply worsened the prevailing disaster called “Hunger.”

A week later, those same New Yorkers, now struggling without electricity, running water or heat, were hit by a blizzard—a situation never experienced before by hurricane survivors anywhere on the planet at any time in history. And the pain didn’t stop there!

Our Response
The River Fund New York immediately jumped into action—mounting a massive emergency response on October 30—the day after the storm—while all of New York’s larger Hunger Relief agencies were hampered by the flooding and power-failures in Manhattan. Coordinating with local Members of Congress and other elected officials, who had access to the best and most up-to-date information, The River Fund served over 10,000 households in week one alone. This made us, not only the very first Emergency Food Organization to arrive in the flood zones behind the storm-surge, but also the one with the greatest impact earliest in the disaster... and we kept going back—week after week, we’re still serving Sandy.

Last Year’s Sandy Friendraiser
On Thursday, November 8, we hosted the City’s very first Sandy impact-awareness event, which helped propel our efforts forward—through funds raised and support generated. Many of you volunteered with our Mobile Operations as we went out daily to help tens of thousands of people in the affected areas. In the two months immediately following Sandy, The River Fund provided food to more than 87,000 people just in Sandy's 'Zone A' neighborhoods—as the hardest-hit locations were called. By the end of December, we had shared 323 tons of product to families and seniors in the Sandy flood zones—plus another 281 tons to our regular distribution areas.

Our Ongoing Impact
By mid-November 2012, The River Fund had established seven Satellite Sites in the stricken areas. During the month of January, the American Red Cross began winding down its direct-response efforts to Sandy. With the need still extremely intense throughout The Rockaways, Coney Island and several other parts of Brooklyn and Queens, NYC-based organizations like The River Fund had to substantially increase their efforts to help our neighbors in the flood-ravaged communities. Throughout January, February and March, we continued to supply food and other necessities to these neighborhoods through our satellite sites—and we’re still at it.

Join us on Friday, October 25 and let’s find ways of continuing to help the people who were hurt by Sandy to move beyond the lines of poverty: Together we make a difference!

If you really can’t come, you can still donate to our Sandy Response Fund here.


Hurricane to Hope: Still Serving Sandy

The Bowery HotelClick on the image above to visit the website of The Browery Hotel, located on Manhattan's oldest thoroughfare,  where our October 25 Friendraiser will be held at the iconic "Bowery Terrace."

Click above to see a slideshow of our Fall 2013 H2H Sandy Friendraiser at Millesime. The event was the very first Sandy Awareness Event in New York and supported our response to Hyperstorm Sandy that was already in progress.

Click above to see a slideshow of our Spring 2013 H2H Fundraiser at PH-D above The Dream Hotel. Starting with our very first fundraiser, our H2H events have been consistently sold out—and abolutely set the tone of the charity season for Manhattan's socially active young professionals.

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Early Morning Loading for The RockawaysCrack of dawn: Two rented trucks being loaded simultaneously for distribution activity in The Rockaways.

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