Tax Assistance for 'Working Poor'

Every year, millions of dollars in tax refunds go unclaimed from the IRS because
‘working poor’ taxpayers who are entitled to such refunds have no way of
estimating how much of a repayment they’re likely to get. They prefer not to file at
all rather than risk owing a tax preparer because their refund was too small to
cover the prep costs. Elderly individuals on Social Security are literally leaving
guaranteed money on the table by not filing a return: The IRS automatically
deducts funds from their monthly payments, and only repays it if a return is filed.
Filing that particular return is fairly simple, but the fee charged by most tax services
absorbs most of the refund—if not all of it.

For several years, The River Fund New York has been addressing these issues by
providing free tax prep assistance to ‘working poor’ taxpayers and seniors. Our free
service has repatriated millions of dollars back into the community that would have
otherwise remained unclaimed.

Please help us expand this service. Every dollar donated to this particular endeavor
literally puts $10 IN CASH back where it belongs—into the hands of a working poor
family or a struggling senior.

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RIVER FUND operates as navigators to help families through the maze of more than 140 different anti-poverty programs to find the small handful that specifically matches their unique circumstance. Every family’s situation is different. Every person in the family faces the impact of poverty in a different way. Battling poverty on the frontline involves tackling both individual needs AND supporting the family as a whole.

Since 1991, RIVER FUND has been perfecting the skill of guiding individuals and families from despair and frustration to hope. Our methods work, and we have established one of the most effective models for poverty combat in New York City—from hunger support, to benefits access, and through a unique “cradle to college initiative” to finally break the multi-generational cycle of poverty that has made material hardship the most heartbreaking part of our great City’s reality for more than 50 years.

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