Ways to Give

Supporting The River Fund New York requires an understanding that fighting poverty is a war. It's brutal and there are casualties. Being involved requires a level of commitment that goes far beyond sporadic donations and cheering from the sidelines. We have built a very strong base of supporters who understand these realities—and that has allowed us to grow dramatically over the past several years.

As we continue to make a difference in dozens of communities—in more than 40 zip-codes all across our City—our high degree of efficiency, lean operating structure and unparalleled cost-effectiveness have attracted supporters of all kinds, who have become part of our Family. We have responded to this great outpouring of support, by establishing a wide range of channels though which our River Fund Family members can support us. Although every $1 dollar donated to us yields $20 worth of product to those we serve, ensuring that you understand clearly what your support actually accomplishes is very important to us.

Because of our approach to donor-engagement, our supporters can choose from several “methods” of giving, or pick specific “focus” areas for their contributions.

One-time Donations
Monthly Gifting
Stock Donations
Product & Clothing Donations
Give a Kid an Easter-basket
Buy a Backpack with School Supplies
Provide a Thanksgiving Turkey
Adopt a Family for Xmas
Toy Drive
Can Drive

From Hunger to Hope
Shoes for Kids Program
Child Poverty Awareness Day
Send Kids to Summer Camp
Mobile Operations & Logistics
Free Tax Help for the Working Poor




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