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RIVER FUND’s unique Homebound Independence Program, which was first established in 2012, is designed to support elderly and disabled individuals and their families through bi-weekly delivery of groceries. Clients are assessed and enrolled yearly, to ensure that they’re receiving all benefits and services for which they qualify. The objective is to extend the client’s ability to age-in-place, avoiding reliance on less-fresh meals cooked elsewhere and promoting engagement and independence through home cooking.

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The clients receive individualized groceries 

to meet their specific needs.

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DEWAN was first embraced by RIVER FUND in 2018 when he visited seeking assistance for Public Benefits. Due to his immigration status, Dewan was not eligible for any additional support or aid.

Dewan's health condition has made it impossible for him to gain employment throughout the years. With the resources of the Benefit Access Center Team as well as our ongoing partnerships, Dewan successfully received his Permanent Resident Card. 

Dewan is part of the RIVER FUND's Homebound Independence Program where he receives weekly groceries, geared specifically to his dietary requirements.

RAMON, one of RIVER FUND's first Homebound Independence Program recipients, is 90 years old with severely impaired vision.

Requiring around the clock supervision; Ramon depends on his Home Health Aide assisting him with daily tasks.

RIVER FUND delivers weekly groceries, including protein, fresh produce, and essential staples. This vital program not only alleviates a burden of being able to put food on the table but more importantly allows Ramon and his aide to remain at home.

When we first met BHAGWAT and his wife, they were facing financial insecurity due to their severe health issues. Bhagwat is visually impaired, with an amputated leg, and needs constant supervision and care.

RIVER FUND Benefit Access Center Team has assisted both Bhagwat and his wife with Public Benefits to alleviate some of their daily struggles, utilizing our Homebound Independence Program.

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