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One of the more daunting hurdles a client can face is trying to secure a safe and legal immigration outcome.

In this effort, RIVER FUND’s leading partner is GMHC. Experts in the field, GMHC meets both in-person and virtually, to assist our clients gain access to relevant services.

RIVER FUND supports our clients in their goal of attaining:

  • Citizenship 

  • Green Card and Green Card Renewals 

  • Certification of Naturalization 

  • Permanent Resident Cards 

  • Work Permits



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When we first met Sarah, she was living with her mother and sister, and she was 16 years old. They had recently emigrated from Guyana, now facing the daunting immigration process, and navigating a variety of personal challenges.

With the support and guidance of RIVER FUND's Benefits Center Team, Sarah and her family were able to address their issues. The embrace and our ‘Family-by-Family Approach' offered stability and provided necessary resources on various fronts.

Sarah, a proud Mary C. Tiedemann Scholarship Recipient, graduated from John Jay College of Criminal Justice in 2021. Sarah is now gainfully employed as a Senior Systems Operations Analyst at a Fortune 500 company.

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Nadira is a single mother of two young boys and a domestic violence survivor.

With the help and guidance of the Benefits Center Team, Nadira and her family have been able to address their challenges. With the assistance of the Immigration Program and the partnership with GMHC, Nadira was able to renew her Permanent Residency Card and, ultimately obtain her Citizenship.

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When we first met Jagnarine, he was unemployed and taking care of his 14 year-old daughter.

Jagnarine has always struggled with maintaining a reliable source of income due to his immigration status, lack of resources and education. RIVER FUND’s Benefits Center Team, has assisted Jagnarine in securing SNAP Benefits granting eligibility for the fee waiver to renew his Permanent Residency Card.

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Andro, his wife and two daughters emigrated from Suriname 10 years ago seeking opportunities to help better their lives.

The family faced a discouraging immigration process all while navigating their personal challenges. Due to their expired Permanent Resident Cards, they struggled to find a steady income and securing eligibility for Public Benefits. With the assistance of GMHC and the embrace of Benefits Center

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