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RIVER FUND Mentoring Program is an extension of our

Mary C. Tiedemann Scholarship Fund and an essential resource for our youth.

Our students face tremendous obstacles and challenges and have little to no resources. RIVER FUND Mentoring Program connects students in an environment where they are embraced, supported, and guided personally and professionally.

The Mentor-Mentee relationship has the potential to change the trajectory of lives and truly break the cycle of poverty.


Kavindra & Riccardo

"Since meeting Riccardo, I have set my major to Economics with a minor in Business. This valued relationship has been truly influential to my life. I give my deepest gratitude to RIVER FUND for being the conduit."

Salma & Lisa

"Lisa encourages me to not only continue to pursue my degree but to eventually pull my family and community out of the grasp of poverty. With her guidance and belief in me, I know I will be able to obtain a career in biotechnology."

Maria & Anne

"I believe having a mentor is essential in life. They listen, encourage, and inspire, helping me recover my brightness to shine even on my darkest days. They remind me to stay focused, remember my purpose, and be selfless and open. A dedicated mentor during my studies greatly assisted and guided me, and I deeply appreciated Anne’s support."




Hours you are available for Mentoring

Please tell us what hours you are available for work each day of the week.

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