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Reflections from Pride Month

I was graciously invited by our Partner, City Harvest, to reflect on my journey during Pride Month. After 73 years, so much has changed and so much remains to be done.

We continue to confront the injustices that those living on the lines of poverty, women, immigrants, people of color and the LGBTQ+ community face every day.


Here’s my journey…


RIVER FUND | Founder & CEO

I was always running. I was always trying to escape the pain.

In my early twenties I met my spiritual Mentor who loved me. She accepted me for who I was. She did so, well before I could.

She taught me to accept and love myself. She inspired me.

Loving and accepting myself was hard to embrace when the world I lived in made me feel and believe, my difference was lesser than… I was Gay.

Ma Jaya was a strong defender of the LGBTQ+ Community and equality for ALL.

I lost my partner Mark in the 80’s from the ravages of AIDS and from mankind’s indifference. The moment of death taught me my most valuable lesson that remains my core… that the freedom I was so desperately looking for lies in my responsibility… My responsibility to be present… My responsibility to care.

The ravages of HIV/AIDS and homophobia left a deep and dark shadow over the LGBTQ+ Community. Today, many of those living on the lines of poverty still face some of the same threads of indifference.

RIVER FUND was born from this journey. RIVER FUND was born from accepting my responsibility. RIVER FUND was born from me loving myself.

Everything RIVER FUND strives to embrace is purpose driven while bringing…






The best part of who we are is in the caring of each other.

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