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OCTOBER 30, 2024

On October 30th, 2024

we gather to champion our Mary C. Tiedemann Scholars, our RIVER FUND Youth, raising vital funds to help expand our RIVER FUND Educational Pathways Programs. 


One in four children in New York City live in Poverty…


RIVER FUND sees education as the key to overcoming this, supporting Youth from prenatal care through college scholarships. Our approach ensures that when individuals thrive, their families and communities do too.


Education is the way forward!


Changemaker | $100,000

Changemaker listing on invitation, virtual program, and website. Customized event recognition opportunities including acknowledgement in the Chairman of the Board’s remarks


YOUR IMPACT: Your gift will support our Extreme Hardships Grant Program and provide much needed relief to the families we serve who continue to face the devastating circumstances and emergencies caused by the current economic challenges and living on the lines of poverty.

includes table of 12

Mentor | $50,000

Mentor listing on the invitation, virtual program, and website

YOUR IMPACT: Your gift will directly change the trajectory of the lives of our students and their families who face tremendous obstacles and challenges—with little to no resources. Our RIVER FUND Mentoring Program matches students and adults together in an environment where they are embraced, supported, and guided both personally and professionally. This valued resource is a vital embrace for our youth and an essential extension of our Mary C. Tiedemann Scholarship Fund. The Mentor-Mentee relationship can transform lives and help break the cycle of poverty!

includes table of 10

Champion | $30,000

Champion listing on the virtual program and website

Join our RIVER FUND G.I.V.E. Volunteer Program and make a meaningful impact in the educational journeys of our Youth AND participate in a customized on-site volunteer service day with your colleagues.

YOUR IMPACT:  Volunteers are the very core of RIVER FUND.   By becoming a RIVER FUND champion, you directly support our Mary C. Tiedemann Scholarship Program, a key component of the G.I.V.E. initiative. This program provides scholarships for our talented Youth, helping to break the cycle of poverty through academics. 

includes table of 10 OR 2 tickets to the Annual Gala and bespoke company volunteer day

Scholar | $15,000

Scholar listing on the virtual program and website

YOUR IMPACT: RIVER FUND approaches access to education as the main, realistic tool for our families to break the cycle of poverty. Every August our Back-to-School Program, Child Poverty Awareness Day, supplies each child with age and grade-specific educational materials and backpacks to set our youth up for success in the new school year. Your gift will not only help set up our youth for the upcoming school year but help ease the burden on their parents.

includes 8 tickets

Advocate | $5,000

Advocate listing on virtual program and website

YOUR IMPACT: Your gift will provide fresh fruits and vegetables to our families in need during this upcoming winter, when high-quality nutrition is most critical, and supplies are both more expensive and less available.  

includes 1 ticket

Supporter | $2,500

Supporter listing on the virtual program

YOUR IMPACT: Your gift will support an expectant mother and her baby through the first crucial months. Equipping Mom with essential postnatal supplies, including diapers, baby food, baby care items, a stroller and other vital necessities. This ensures that new moms have the resources they need to care for their newborns.

includes 1 ticket

Family | $1,500

YOUR IMPACT: Your gift will provide 50 RIVER FUND families with Thanksgiving Turkeys, and all the trimmings, this year while bringing normalcy to some of our New York neighbors in great need.   Celebrating family!

includes 1 ticket

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